Privacy Policy

At Red Hat Media, we take online and offline privacy pretty seriously. Therefore, we request you respect our concerns in the same field as we do yours. 

In our “Privacy Policy” section, we will describe how we accumulate, utilize, and share data from you while you’re using our associated websites. The same rules will also apply to our email properties, online services, etc. 

Before we begin, we’d like to inform you about another thing. Throughout our “Privacy Policy” section, we will refer to Red Hat Media with various pronouns, such as “we,” “us,” “our,” etc. In addition, our affiliated sites might sometimes be mentioned as “the websites” or “the sites” to help us convey our message conveniently. 

Everything written here in our “Privacy Policy” section will only apply to the properties we maintain or operate. We cannot and will not take any responsibility for any information accumulated through other applications, websites, or services. We also won’t be held accountable for the privacy practices or policies of the third parties. By using Red Hat Media and our affiliated websites, you explicitly agree to our “Privacy Policy.”


How Do We Collect Your Information? 

Red Hat Media, and its affiliated websites, will collect a specific amount of data from you for different purposes. In this section, we have discussed everything regarding the same elaborately. So, if you have any queries concerning this topic, kindly go through everything thoroughly. 

  • Automatically Collected Data 

When you access Red Hat Media or its affiliated websites, we, our service providers, and third-party partners will automatically collect some data from you. The information will be collected from your web browser or device through web beacons, cookies, and other data-collecting technologies. 

The collected details usually help us perceive how our users utilize our websites. So, we can offer an ideal advertising module for our target audience. 

Aside from this, we will also accumulate or track information regarding your activities on our websites. It may include – 

  • Clickstream data (it shows the pages where you have been while using our website)
  • Features of your browser and operating system 
  • IP address 
  • Data regarding your system settings 
  • Unique device identifiers, etc. 

We do not collect any personally identifiable information from our users. So, we can’t or won’t use anything against you until you violate any of our terms and conditions. 

  • Information That Our Users Provide Us With

We may collect data, including personal information, only if you share anything consensually with us. For example, if you want to avail of the services of Red Hat Media, you may have to provide us some details regarding – 

  • Your name 
  • Your date of birth 
  • Your contact information 
  • Your email address, etc.

You may also choose to offer us personal information while participating in our surveys, discussions, forums, or other interactive sections. 

Kindly remember that whatever you are posting in the comment or other collaborative sections can be seen by other users. Therefore, we’d request you not to write anything sensitive or personal that you don’t want to reveal publicly. 

  • Data Accumulated From Other Sources 

Sometimes, we may also collect information regarding our targeted audience’s demographic or interest data from our service providers and third-party partners. It helps us understand our users and tailor better (and helpful) content for them. We may also use this collected information for legal business purposes in some cases. Usually, this data does not contain any users’ personal details, and we vouch not to post or reveal anything publicly. 

  • Usage Of Tracking Technologies 

Cookies are small files that help us store some data regarding you, the browser you’re using, and your device. Red Hat Media and all of our affiliated websites use cookies (HTML5 and HTTP) and other local storages to offer the best features for everyone.

Make sure to keep reading to learn how you can limit the usage of cookies while visiting our websites. But beware! Disabling or limiting the cookie feature may affect your user experience. You might also not be able to use some of our features that require cookies to be functionally viable. 

  • To manage and maintain our automatic data collection, we use cookies and other similar technologies on Red Hat Media and its affiliated sites. It helps us enhance the overall quality of the websites and offer a personally-customized experience to everyone. 
  • We also utilize third-party analytics services, like Google Analytics, on our websites to learn about how many people are visiting us daily. Additionally, it also helps understand the interests of the majority of users and strategize our targeted services or advertisements accordingly.
  • Like cookies, web beacons are small files that link different web pages to specific web servers. We use them for several reasons, such as keeping track of the visitor count, analyzing how you are navigating through our sites, etc. Web beacons also help us find the most-opened links on our websites. 
  • Finally, our third-party partners may also use various widgets, tools, apps to increase consumer engagement. Most of these work like the “Share” or “Like” buttons of Facebook. This information collection procedure is usually not overseen by us. So, kindly check out the third-party website’s privacy policies to know more in this context. 

Sometimes, even if you didn’t disable our cookies or web beacons, you may still find it challenging to use our interactive sections. In this aspect, we would ask you to check if the “do not track” setting is enabled in your browser or not. 

If you want us to track your information and offer a well-tailored experience, make sure to disable this feature before entering our sites. 


Social Platform Integration 

Most, if not all, of our websites, have been incorporated with social media and other related platforms. In some instances, we can take information from these web modules to improve our knowledge about our customers.

For example, when you share one of our social media posts, you grant us information available in your SM (social media) account. 

So, if you don’t want us to share or collect any such information regarding this aspect, kindly review the privacy settings regarding the same. We’d also request you not to use such features on our websites for your own convenience. 


How Do We Use The Information We Accumulate From You?

Red Hat Media and its affiliated websites may use the data collected from you for many purposes. For example, if you send us a query regarding anything, we’d ask you to provide your contact information, such as your email address. This way, we can get back to you with your answer right away. 

In addition to this, we will collect information from you to – 

  • Direct you to a section of our websites, which may seem attractive to you 
  • Customize available features, content, advertisements, and other marketing aspects to offer you a more personalized experience
  • Respond to all of your questions, complaints, or requests through our customer care segment 
  • Offer details regarding our services or products that you may request, or we otherwise think might seem interesting to you 
  • Communicate and administer your participation in events, contests, sweepstakes, programs, promotions, or other offers 
  • Improve, evaluate, and carry out different instances of our business and develop new features on the same 
  • Guard against any cases of impersonation or fraud on our website 
  • Identify someone who’s performing criminal activities,  making wrong claims, and breaching other related liabilities 
  • Ask you if we can use your personal information for any business purposes or not 
  • Perform various data analytic procedures regarding using our websites 
  • Comply with legal requirements, our company policies, and law enforcement requests 


How We May Share The Collected Information?

Our vendors, agents, consultants, and other service providers may access a portion of the data that we collect through our websites. So, they may use the same for their purposes on our behalf. Additionally, some service providers may also utilize this information to make some unique, consumer-friendly features on our sites. 

Aside from this, we may share your information (non-personal) – 

  • With our associates and affiliates for internal trading purposes 
  • With third party websites that provide services and offerings on our behalf to help our website’s visitors 
  • If we have to offer it to the court for legal purposes 
  • With third-party websites, including data management platforms, social media networks, etc. 
  • If we deem such disclosure is necessary to avoid physical or financial harm to our websites or any of our users 
  • If we transfer or sell a portion or all of your business assets (however, in this case, we’ll send you prior notice via email or post about the same on our website)
  • With our partners and advertisers to let them know about the type of visitors we get on our websites 
  • At your discretion or after receiving your formal consent 


Privacy Choices For The User 

At Red Hat Media, our users will have some privacy choices and use them at their convenience. Here is what you need to know in this context. 

  • Blocking Or Disabling Cookies 

You can use a specific browser and configure them properly to disable or block our cookie system. Nevertheless, if you choose to do so, it could affect your user experience to some extent. You may not be able to use some specific functions as well. 

  • Unsubscribing From Emails 

You can subscribe or unsubscribe from our newsletters or other similar features at ease. There will be a separate link available for doing so on all of our affiliated websites. You can also opt-out from our shared campaigns by sending us an email or notifying us here. We might disclose your decision to opt-out from our services to our third-party partners. This way, they will honor your preferences and set up their offerings in accordance with it. 

  • Issues Concerning A Third Party Ad Provider 

As described in the above section of our “Privacy Policy,” we share a portion of the accumulated information with our third-party partners. If you don’t want us to do so, we will request you not to share any information with us. Blocking our cookie or web beacon system can help you out in this regard. 

  • Removing Or Disabling Local Shared Objects 

We use a sort of local storing system while collecting information from you. They usually function similarly to the other features but will be stored in a different section from the browser cookies. 

So, you can try disabling this feature by using your browser’s security settings. Or, you may also mail us about it, and we’ll try offering you a more personalized experience. 

Kindly remember that even if you disable cookies or web beacons, you may still see advertisements on our website. However, they will not be tailored to your interest. 


Data Retention 

We will keep your personal information (that you’ve provided to us) until we have fulfilled all the privacy purposes outlined in our “Privacy Policy” section. It might take us longer to remove your personal information from our websites in some jurisdictional cases. So, if something as such occurs, we will be sure to notify you about it! 


User Access 

At Red Hat Media, we practice complete transparency with our users and respect their control over specific information. So, upon request, we will try our best to confirm your identity and tell you if we hold any data regarding you or not. 

As our beloved user, you also reserve the right to update or amend any incomplete or inaccurate information or request deletion of the same. We’ll also stop using or sharing the data if you ask us to do so. 

But, remember, we will not be able to process your request under certain circumstances. For example, if you violate any of our “Terms and Conditions,” then we’ll keep your information and use it in a court or jurisdictional procedure. 


Protecting Our Users’ Personal Information

Red Hat Media uses appropriate and reasonable administrative, alongside physical and technical safeguards, to protect our users’ personal information. We will prevent everything from unlawful, accidental, or unauthorized destruction, alteration, loss, access, use, or disclosure. However, please understand that we cannot guarantee the security of each transmitted data online. So, we request you to offer us your personal information at your own risk. If you have any queries regarding our security policy or believe that we aren’t doing enough in this regard, make sure to contact us immediately.


Links To Other Websites 

Red Hat Media and its affiliated websites may contain links to other websites controlled by our third-party partners. Aside from this, our blog sections might also feature different forms of media, such as – 

  • Videos 
  • Music 
  • Advertisements, etc.

Remember, we neither oversee how these websites are managed nor do we have control over them. So, if you are considering using their sites, make sure to check out their “Privacy Policy” and “Terms and Conditions” beforehand. Otherwise, you may get entangled in legal issues, and we won’t be responsible for that. 


Children’s Privacy 

The websites associated with Red Hat Media are usually intended for a general reader or audience. So, we will not knowingly acquire any personal information from anyone, especially from those under 12. If we find out that we have done anything as such, we will delete the data right away. 


Quizzes, Surveys, And Other Features 

While going through our websites, you can participate in quizzes, services, or other interactive features. However, some of these services may request general and personal information about you, your preferences, and your opinions. Also, you can participate in these activities only if you are interested in them. But remember, most of these features will be operated by some of our third-party partners. So, no matter what happens, we will not oversee or control anything. Therefore, kindly refer to their privacy policies and conditions before you participate in anything. 


For Users From Other Regional Areas

If you are visiting our websites from any specific regional area, kindly be aware if you can access us from there. Also, check your local laws and evaluate if our content is available to read or use in your demographics. Otherwise, you might get into legal trouble depending on the jurisdiction of your locality, and we will not be responsible for that in any manner. 


Our Notice To Users From Other Demographics 

Subject to specific limits, the local law of our demographics might request us to offer some particular personal details that we’ve shared with our 3rd party partners. So, if you have any queries or confusion regarding the same, please contact us as soon as possible. 


About Changing Our Privacy Policy

We may update our “Privacy Policy” periodically and systematically to reflect new alterations to our related practices. You can find the date and time of the latest update at the top of the page. In addition, if we consider making any changes in the materials, we will notify you about it through email or by posting it on our website. However, if we are making any minor alterations, we might not be able to notify our users about it personally. So, we’d encourage you to review our “Privacy Policy” page frequently or before you start using our websites. 


Contact Information 

If you have any queries about our “Privacy Policy” section, make sure to let us know all about it here –