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Our affiliated websites and platforms, such as The CBD Magazine, Essay Writing Guides, Blogstellar, The Pets Magazine, The Legal Guides, The Dating Diary, etc., are owned and managed by Redhat Media. So, if you want to access or take information from any of these pages, you must adhere to the following “Terms of Use.”

We’ll refer to Redhat Media with various pronouns, like “we,” “the website,” “our,” “us,” “RHM,” etc., to convey our message fluently. In addition, our affiliated websites will be mentioned as “the sites” or “these sites” in some instances.

  1. Redhat Media, or its associated websites, shall incorporate information regarding the services we provide. It may include –
  • Affiliated websites
  • Blogs

As the owner of “these sites,” we reserve the right to modify, discontinue, or suspend any of them without any prior notice at any given time.

  1. Some of our websites, due to the nature of the available content, follow an age-restriction system. So, if you do not fall under the intended peer group for any site, we’d request you to avoid using them or provide us with your personal information. 
  2. We do not claim that the content available on our websites will be accessible everywhere. Due to some reasons, it might not be legal in certain countries or specific demographics. So, if you are using our sites from such a location, you agree to do so on your own accord. We won’t take any responsibility if you break your local regulations or laws while surfing through our websites.


The available data on “our websites” have been provided solely for serving informational purposes only. Redhat Media, or any affiliated website, does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or quality of the accessible data. So, we will not be held liable for any errors, omissions, or someone exclusively relying upon the available content. As a reader, you will be responsible for assessing the information and applying it for your personal purpose.

Privacy Policy 

If you want to learn how we collect data from our users and implement them on our website, kindly head onto our Privacy Policy section. You can also click here to access the same right now.

Our Right To Modify Or Change The “Terms Of Use” Section

We, at Redhat Media, own and maintain every piece of content that’s available here. Hence, we also reserve the right to change them at any time. The modifications will occur on each of our owned sites (if needed) and will be effective right after we have posted them. So, make sure to visit our “Terms of Use” section frequently to go through these minor adjustments.

Intellectual Property Of Redhat Media

Herein lies the terms and conditions regarding the intellectual properties of Redhat Media.

  • Usage Of Logos and Trademarks of Redhat Media

The term “Redhat Media” or the URL “www.redhatmedia.net” are trademarks of RHM. Additionally, the logos, images, designs, slogans, etc., that we have used throughout our website or blog section are our property as well. So, you may not copy or use such trademarks of our website without our consent. And, if you do, we reserve the right to legally challenge you for breaching our confidential boundary.

  • Limitation In Licensing Of Redhat Media’s Intellectual Property

The materials and data available on our websites, including but not restricted to software, text, graphics, photographs, music, video, artworks, etc., are RHM’s personal property. Everything you can see on this site has been protected through trademark, copyright, and other laws. Hence, by reading this text, you agree not to use, modify, reproduce, distribute, retransmit, or disseminate such content without our written consent.

The Reliance And Accuracy Of Our Websites’ Data

We carry no obligation to review the content available on our website for any purpose. You must also not expect us to scrutinize the User Contribution section of our site. Further information on this context has been defined in the following section.

About The Contributors Of Redhat Media

The available content on our website has been written by the dedicated team of Redhat Media. However, we sometimes also seek out other blogs or informational pieces from independent contributors of our affiliated websites. RHM does not guarantee or represent that any of these writers have any specialization on a specific subject or topic.

Therefore, we are not obligated to verify everything independently and research the provided data. We at Redhat Media rely upon these unaffiliated contributors only for a few pieces of content. So, we cannot be held responsible if these write-ups’ accuracy, truthfulness, or completeness aren’t up-to-the-mark.

Reminder: Kindly do not rely entirely on the information available on our website. We have provided everything here only to help you have a general knowledge about a topic. So, you’ll be responsible for using the same for your personal circumstances. In any case, we’d request you again to visit and ask an expert about the queries you may have on a topic. Do not depend on the data available on Redhat Media or its affiliated websites.

Prohibition-Related Rules Of Redhat Media And Its Affiliated Sites

You may use Redhat Media’s affiliated websites only for informational purposes. By reading our “Terms of Use,” you agree not to use our content for –

  • Violating any applicable state, international, local, or federal regulation or law
  • Procuring or transmitting the available data as a promotional or advertising material, such as “chain letter,” “junk mail,” “spam,” or any other related solicitation
  • Engaging in any conduct or activity that inhibits or restrict someone else’s enjoyment of using our websites
  • Impersonating as a Redhat Media employee, administration personnel, or any other individual bearing a different name than that of you
  • Exposing minors to age-restricted content and harming or exploiting anyone else’s regular activities

In addition, you must also agree not to –

  • Disaggregate or scrape any data or information from our affiliated websites for any commercial, enhancing, or marketing purposes 
  • Interfere with the proper working culture of the website
  • Introduce any malicious software programs, such as worms, trojan horses, logic bombs, etc., or any other technologically harmful object to our site
  • Attempt to disrupt, interfere with, or damage to any part of our websites

Content That You May Contribute To On This Website

If you’re willing to write or make any content available on our website, kindly adhere to the following guidelines.

User Contributions

The websites associated with Redhat Media may contain chat rooms, message boards, review sections, personal web pages, forums, bulletin boards, etc. There might be some interactive features available here as well, where you can submit, publish, post, or display your comments.

If you voluntarily provide your personal details on our forums, comment sections, or chat rooms, that data can be found on search engines. So, if someone else enters our sites, they can view and use this information for malicious purposes. Therefore, we strongly advise you not to write or post any individual details, such as your name, address, email, etc.

In addition, we will consider any user contribution on our website as non-proprietary and non-confidential. So, by writing anything on Redhat Media, or any of our affiliated websites, you are granting us, our service providers, and other associates the permission to distribute, display, or use the information as we prefer.

You also agree that you are responsible for anything you’re posting or contributing to our website. So, if any legal issue occurs, we will hold you accountable for it. Furthermore, we are not liable to any third-party user for the accuracy of any user-contributed content in any manner.

The Standard Of Content

The following standards will apply to interactive services and every user contribution available on our websites. As a user of Redhat Media, or any of our associated websites, you must not –

  • Promote any explicit content or video (including, but not limited to – violence, adult media, racial or gender-based discriminition)
  • Write or post a defamatory, abusive, indecent, obscene, hateful, offensive, or otherwise questionable form of media
  • Violate the legal rights (privacy and publicity) of Redhat Media’s associated websites
  • Promoting or advertising commercial sales or activities on the interactive areas of our sites
  • Infringe upon any trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret, or any other intellectual property or personal rights of any individual
  • Deceive another individual by impersonating someone else
  • Cause inconvenience or annoyance to other users of the websites

Termination Of Content

As the owner of Redhat Media and its associated websites, we reserve the right to –

  • Refuse or remove any post written or posted on the User Contribution section
  • Disclose your real identity in case your actions have invoked any legal prosecution on our websites
  • Take an action that we deem necessary regarding the User Contribution section
  • Suspend or terminate all your activities on our website upon breaching legal boundaries
  • Ban the user if they have violated any of our terms and policies

The User’s Indemnification Of Us

By using Redhat Media and our affiliated websites, you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold us (including, but not limited to – our directors, officers, employees, etc.) harmless against every cost and liabilities. If you or any other user of your account breaches our privacy policy, you have to reimburse us at its own expense. You have to cooperate with us reasonably and truthfully during the whole indemnification procedure.

Liability Disclaimer

By reading this section, you agree that you will use Redhat Media, or any of its associated sites, at your own responsibility. Neither RHM nor any of its affiliated media shall be liable to anyone for any injuries or losses (including, but not limited to – direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, punitive, special, etc.). Use and adhere to the available information on our website at your own risk.

Warranty Disclaimer

The information available on Redhat Media and its associated website is provided in an “as is” manner. Therefore, we can offer no warranties or merchantability regarding the data on our sites. Furthermore, we do not endorse any User Contribution posts in any way and, therefore, cannot be held responsible for any false facts and statistics.

Third-party Advertisements, Links, Content, and Websites

At RHM, we do not monitor or review any advertisements, websites, or other linked media available on our websites. Therefore, we will not be responsible if you click on these potentially-harmful links and get affected in any manner.   

Before you purchase anything from these websites, we’d urge you to check the services or websites closely. Also, make sure to verify their pricing, quality of the offerings, and other necessary information before spending your money.

Neither Redhat Media nor its associated websites shall share any liabilities arising from your impromptu purchases from a third-party platform or link.

Waiver And Severability

No renunciation of any conditions available in this section of Redhat Media can be deemed a continued narrative of any other terms. If any jurisdiction considers a provision of this Terms of Use section to be illegal or invalid, then such provision shall be limited or eliminated to a minimal extent.


If any disputes or issues arise in the “Terms of Use” of Redhat Media, then it would be governed and enforced following the regulations maintained by the local jurisdiction. You have to irrevocably agree to the venue and jurisdiction as deemed by the regional law during any such event.

Entire Agreement 

The “Terms of Use” section of Redhat Media constitutes a sole agreement between you and us concerning the associated sites. It also supersedes all contemporaneous representations and understandings, both oral and written, for the websites.

DMCA Policy

Redhat Media deals with copyright-related infringements by following the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). While using our websites, you may not copy, upload, or post any content from here to anywhere else. If you do any such thing, we will consider you responsible and take legal actions against you.

If you believe that any of your website’s write-ups have been used on our website, you may notify or contact us about it through our website. Kindly include information regarding the following points –

  • Your electronic or physical signature
  • A statement regarding how or why you believe that our website has stepped over your site’s copyright infringement policies 
  • Another statement (has to be done under a penalty of perjury) that conveys that the written notice is valid and you have been authorized to act or work on behalf of the owner

Kindly keep in mind that if you knowingly misinterpret the story of copyright infringement, we will hold you liable for the consequential damages (like attorney’s fees and other related costs).

How To Contact Us? 

Whether you want to offer us feedback, request for support, or simply communicate with us, make sure to notify us about it here: https://www.redhatmedia.net/contact-us/

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