A Digital Media Corporation Par Excellence

With over 50+ Brand Sites and a combined traffic of 1 Million+ readers, Red Hat Media is the world’s best Sponsored Content, Guest Posting and Link Building digital media corporation.

Red Hat Media started its journey in 2015. From one website, we have grown to more than 50+ sites in the last few years. Our sites, ranging from Magazine and Multi-Category to Niche-Specific Sites makes us the number one choice for Brands, Digital Marketing Agencies, SEO Companies and SEO Resellers.

Over 1000+ brands, SEO agencies and resellers have worked with us in the last five years. We continue to push harder by offering high metrics, heavy traffic websites to fulfil the Guest Posting, Link Building and Blogger Outreach needs of our advertisers.

Some of our niches are- Technology, CBD, Bitcoin, Business, Finance, Marketing, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Home, Pets, Fashion, Health, Betting, Gambling, Casino, Sports, and Multi-Category sites.

All of our brands have their own unique and distinct Social Media Pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others. Cumulatively we command over 100,000 Page Followers. Our sharing of Brand Links on our social media pages, makes us stand out when compared to our competitors.

We have helped specialised Digital Marketing agencies, SEOs and Brands run full-fledged campaigns, with proven results in terms of- increasing their traffic, contributing to their metrics, and boosting their sales and revenue figures.

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Link Building Services

Red Hat Media has been pioneering Link Building Services for thousands of advertisers on our 50+ Sites.

We are committed to providing Do-Follow and Permanent Links and build on the trust factor. Advertisers can trust us knowing that we will hold onto their links.

The quick indexing of our pages ensures that your Link Building activities get immediate boost in terms of metrics and traffic figures. We follow all the best practices.

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Guest Posting Services

Red Hat Media is one of the world’s most professional and result-oriented Guest Posting Services provider.

Our emphasis on creating and modifying SEO friendly articles to get the most out of your Guest Posting activities separates us from the rest of our competitors.

You can always review the metrics of all our brand websites and then place your Guest Posting orders. We can also create SEO-friendly content for you if you require it.

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Content Writing Services

Unlike other competitors who are just interested in creating links, we have realised the importance of quality content.

This is why we have set up a specialised and trained Content Writing Team to help you create SEO-friendly, 100% original and unique articles, in your niche.

This helps us give an added advantage and performance to your Link Building and Guest Posting efforts. We promise industry-best prices and timely delivery at all times.

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Blogger Outreach Services

Red Hat Media has been in the industry long enough to establish relationships with over 10000+ quality publishers.

If you are looking to engage with niche-specific bloggers for your Blogger Outreach needs, we can help you get there. You can send us your query and let us do the rest.

Running specialised and effective Blogger Outreach campaigns is one area, which we excel at. We have run campaigns for billion-dollar brands and start-ups as well.

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