Guest Posting Sites 2022: Unique Website Covering Every Niche Industry

Category: Digital Marketing By: Shane Posted on: January 23, 2021

High authority guest posting sites rule the digital world. If you can secure a high authority position, people believe you to be an expert in the field. This might sound interesting and super easy; however, that is not the case.

One of the proven methods to boost your website is contributing to the guest post services to authoritative guest posting sites. But finding the right website for guest post services is not an easy task.

You might spend hours and still not find a good website relevant to your niche for guest posting. And even if you find some, you will find that they are out of the league in terms of DA and DR.

With that in mind, we have carefully compiled a list of Blogging Websites from every niche and industry we can remember.

What Is Guest Posting?

If you are a blogger, you must have heard about Guest blogging services and guest posting sites at one point in your career. It is a strategy that boosts the organic reach of your blogs and articles. It also helps you attain a high SERPs ranking.

Guest Posting

Putting it simply, guest post services is a way of putting your blog and content on other websites with relevant niches. This practice helps you build a good reputation in the industry and helps your website on the SEO-front.

The concept of guest posting sites and services is very simple. You write content for the other website, and in return, you get a link to your website. This practice shares mutual benefits. And also help to broaden bloggers’ networks.

Though this practice comes with mutual benefits, that doesn’t mean that the website is willing to accept any content. There are several factors that influence the completion of the whole process.

In this article, we have enlisted some of the best guest posting sites. These websites cover almost every niche present in the industry. With the proper selection of websites, you will be able to target new audiences and will be able to increase your reach.

Note: the digital marketing industry can be tricky for new bloggers. Hence, ensure that you are working with an authoritative website instead of spammy websites.

Benefits Of Guest Posting?

Guest blogging or Guest post services are the best tools for online marketing that you can invest in. If you want to stand in your field of work as an expert and want to boost your industry’s reputation, start contributing to guest posting sites.

Benefits Of Guest Posting

Are you thinking about, “why should I write content for another website?”. Then the following might help you understand the benefits of the Guest post services and guest posting sites.

1. Instant Exposure

It doesn’t matter whether you are getting a backlink or not. Contributing to other blogs means you are establishing yourself as an industry expert. This practice also helps your audience to grow interested in your works.

If you can manage to write high-quality blogs and cover the audiences’ problems, you can expect traffic flooding into your website. And as we know that traffic is like the blood and soul of the online business.

If you can get even a little boost with a guest post, why shouldn’t you do that? Hence, optimize your website‘s landing page so that your traffic does not bounce back.

2. Expands Your Personal Network

There was a time when connecting with an influencer was one hell of work. But today, with the help of guest posting services, you can easily contact them. Also, you can collaborate with the other website for the co-author posts.

Regardless of what industry you belong to, you can leverage your authorship with structures and high-quality data. You just need to ensure that you are highly active in the industry.

3. Stimulate Social Media Shares

Social media channels control today’s digital media. Hence, gathering social media shares can exponentially boost your online reach.

If you are looking for guest posting sites that are highly active in the social media industry, then there is always a chance that some of the traffic will be redirected to your website.

Hence, it becomes crucial that you create content that resonates with the readers, and they feel comfortable while sharing it with their friends and family.

4. Boost Your Social Media Presence

Guest post services not only increase your social shares but also boosts your number of followers. Hence, affiliating yourself with an authoritative website means that the party on the other side is vowing for your brand’s credibility. This certainly gives a reputation boost.

In most of the guest post services, you will be able to customize your author bio profile. This gives you a chance to add a few more links to your work. All these benefits will help you win your audience’s trust.

5. Boost Your Online Authority

Today, online marketing is all about authority. Even if you create a high-quality product, you will not expose them on a larger scale if people do not trust your brand.

However, with the contribution you make to the other website, you will boost your authority as an industry expert.

6. Fortify Your Backlink Profile

The best part of writing a guest post is that you can have a link connecting to your website. Most of the websites will not offer you any financial help for the guest post; hence, they provide a do-follow link to compensate for that.

Though this might be a small reward, you are getting for your hard work, but if you combine all the guest posts you have done for the other website, you will see a massive difference.

7. Boost Brand Awareness

guest posting sites and their services are practical tools that can be used to boost your brand awareness.

If you can start sharing information to audiences that are pretty rare in the industry, you will soon be recognized in the community, and your brands will be able to see a significant boost in customers.

Note that you need to voice your brand with every content. This way, you will be able to convey your brand message to your audiences.

8. Help To Generate Qualified Leads

One of the guest post services’ challenging parts is to find suitable guest posting sites for the guest post. In addition to the relevant niche industry, you need to look for a flooded website with steady traffic. You obviously do not want your hard work to go to waste.

This practice will help you expose your content to a larger and broader version of the audience. Note that the audience will not come to your website; you have to add a call to action button that guides your audience towards your website.

9. Increase In Sale Cycle Frequency

The sales cycle has always been challenging for content marketing executives. But if you can write guest posts on other websites, you will be exposing yourself through popular blogs. You will immediately get industry recognition.

This will significantly reduce the sale cycle frequency. Putting it simply, instead of waiting for bloggers pitching to you for business, you can pitch them. You just need to be innovative in the process.

10. Get Useful Feedback From The Community

Guest blogging is a supportive community. If your content is good, you are bound to get support from other fellow guest bloggers. This will significantly boost your brand reputation in the market and will increase your authority in the market.

Guest Posting Tips To Build Your Brand

Guest Posting Tips

With the risk and benefits in mind, there are specific ways to move forward with successful guest blogging. Here are our tips and processes that will lead you to a successful guest post service.

1. Selecting Right Partner

You must find guest blogging websites with the same interest from the relevant niche in the guest blogging industry.

If you can do so, you will get the same audience you want for your website. For instance, your website is related to the technology industry; the other guest blogging website needs to be the same.

2. Contacting Them

Once you have decided on guest posting sites, the next thing is to pitch them with a friendly tone. Start the conversation as you would start with a friend. And then slowly get to the point. This way, you will be able to know their personality and how the deal will go.

However, when the time comes when you think business will be successful, be straight with the expectation.

For instance:

  • For how long should a post be on the website?
  • What kind of tone should the content have?
  • Who will handle the images?
  • When will the post be published?

Many companies or serious bloggers have guest blogging guidelines to maintain the quality of the content. You can also ask them if they have theirs or not. If not, then you are good to go. If they do have, then consider that while writing your content.

3. Writing High-Quality Post

You start writing the article as per the guidelines given by the website owner. If there are no guidelines, then write content that you consider one of the types of content.

Of course, you might face problems while creating content for the guest post websites. If you even come across this problem, try looking for other guest post blogs.

Beyond that, you do not have to be afraid of trying and experimenting in creating new content. Remember that your personal touch is necessary for the guest blogs; otherwise, you will not convey your brand message. And sometimes, these personal touches become the reason for acceptance.

4. Edit It With Perfection

No matter how good you are with content creation, there are always chances for mistyping, grammar errors, and punctuation problems. The best way to deal with them is to edit multiple times until you know the content’s quality.

Even if you think you have created content free from any errors, it is always better to check at least once. You obviously won’t want your partner to decline your content for silly mistakes.

5. The Final Submission

Once you have completed your content and are about to turn your content to your partner, ensure that you provide all the supplementary material to the guest posting sites- Author Bio, website, and social links.

Once you have handed down every material, be diligent with the updates, publishing, and live URL, and ensure that your links are placed at the right place.

Guest Blogging: What Won’t Work?

We all know that most people are in the guest blogging business for creating brand awareness. But you can achieve this feat only if you follow the steps. Making mistakes will only degrade your reputation in the market.

Guest Blogging What Won't Work

We have seen several bloggers openly showing that they are guest blogging solely for their brand’s advertising. If you are one of them and have followed this path, we can guarantee that you have hardly succeeded in aunty guest blogging.

If you really want to be successful with guest blogging, avoid these mistakes.

1. Mentioning Your Company Name/Product/Services In The Blog Post

If you are doing this with every post, we will advise you to stop doing so. Mentioning yourself at every place will look spammy, and you are giving a direct indication that you are doing this only for your gains and not for the readers.

The only place where you will talk about your business is your company bio, or the guest post websites are asking for your products and services. Apart from that, you are not allowed to use your name anywhere.

2. Adding Your Link To The guest posting sites That Are Not Relevant To Your Industry

Digital marketing is very strict with link-selling events. Hence, no reader will like content that will sound self-promotional. They will not risk showing search engines that they are part of any black-hat SEO link selling scheme. 

Give only natural links in the guest blogs. This will increase your chances of acceptance. 

3. Openly Bragging About Your Company

It has become ubiquitous for companies to brag about their brands, products, and services. This might look like you are talking good things about your product, but it might be offending for the readers. You don’t have to brag about what you are good at.

If you are good at things, people will eventually get to know you through your content quality. Hence, focus on creating high-quality content.

Guest Blogging: What Will Work?

Guest Blogging What Will Work

If you really want to impress your audience, then do that with your content. Today, people are digitally driven. Hence, the importance of digital content is accelerating day by day. When it comes down to high-quality content, ensure these things.

  • High-quality writing.
  • Superior in grammar.
  • The flow of the content.
  • Organization of the content.
  • Relevant information.

Keep in mind that your first, second, and third priority should be creating content that resonates with your readers and educating them on new things. Try to cover the querying in your guest blogging and answer them so that readers find it valuable and helpful.

Always be engaging with your audiences. Whenever you see new content, be sure to reply to them as fast as possible. This will make your readers feel important. This practice has really helped us, as well.

How To Find The Best guest posting sites?

Guest blogging has become popular in the last couple of years. With the right guest posting strategies, bloggers get a positive reputation in the market. In addition to that, they even get new readers, traffic boost, and augmented SEO metrics.

We do not have to elaborate on the advantages you get from guest posting sites and guest blogging. On the contrary, the chances are that you are practicing some guest posting strategies to some extent.

If you want to know the benefits, we have already mentioned the above section of this article.

The only flaw of this strategy is that it becomes tough to find relevant guest posting sites. And even if you have found a few, your approach and pitch can make or break the chance.

Below we have discussed some of the important factors you can consider while looking and pitching for relevant guest posting sites.

1. Niche Related guest posting sites

The most crucial factor that will help you succeed with the guest post is high-quality content designed professionally to perform SEO. You need to be very specific with your niche.

Remember that no guest posting sites will accept any guest blogging outside their niche. Hence, be specific with your choice.

Popular guest posting sites receive hundreds of pitches every day. So your pitch might get covered up by the other guest blogger. Hence, ensure that you have quality content to back your pitch and increase your chances of acceptance.

2. Having Social Profiles

Going through the Social media profile is the best way to ensure that you are not dealing with SEO agencies. We personally do that. It is always better to accept guest posts from a blogger rather than accept from an agency looking only to create backlinks.

And if you are requesting the guest post services, make sure that social handles have a proper bio and link to your site. You do not have to worry about having a few followers. What matters here is whether it is authentic and credible or not.

3. Make A List Of All The Niche Related guest posting sites

Though it is an essential factor to consider while looking for the best guest posting sites, most bloggers forget to find relevant niche-based websites for the guest posting services.

It is very important that you engage with your niche leader and regularly strive to interact with them on their social handles.

Myths Of Guest Posting

There is a common myth among bloggers that guest posting sites are extinct. But that is not the case. Some bloggers are still taking advantage of guest posting services.

Myths Of Guest Posting

Many guest posting sites are still offering guest posting services. You just need the right intent to get hold of them. While being in the digital marketing industry for years, we have come across some of the guest posting sites’ myths.

We were even inquired by our clients, readers, and followers about the myths. So, we thought, why not take this opportunity to highlight some of the myths that are nothing but baseless rumors.

Myth 1: You Need A Well Established Blog

You don’t need thousands of readers on your website to qualify for guest posting sites. The content editors and publishers do not care about the size of the reader you have. They only care about the quality of content you can write for them.

For instance, you can even guest post without having a blog. Who cares, as long as you can give them content that will perform for them. Don’t pull your steps back just because you have a low audience.

Myth 2: You Are Not Good Enough

Yes, you indeed need to have good content. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be a Ph.D. in English literature or someone from a literature background. Your content needs to be clear enough to be understood by the readers.

Just pick a topic that you love to talk about. Write content that you think you and your readers can easily understand. Keep the content clear, concise, active, informative, and engaging. That’s it.

Myth 3: Building Extensive Relationship

Frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter. There are guest posting sites that receive hundreds of guest post requests, while some get single digits. You cannot expect both websites to see the messages in the same.

The guest positions websites receiving hundreds of requests will only go through the main topics. Hence, relationships are just part of the guest posting services, not factors that need to be considered.

Take Away

To become a successful guest writer, you don’t need to have hundreds of audiences or the next William Wordsmith; you just need to be good enough to convey your thoughts in the form of text to the readers.

Types Of Guest Post Websites

Think about any industry, and it can be considered as one of the types of guest posts. And the best part is that you will also find guest posting sites catering to guest posting services for the respective industries.

The sheer number of categories can be confusing for most people out there. Keeping that in mind, we have categorized all the industry in several guest posting sites.

1. Technologies, Gadgets, And Software Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Technologies is an ever-changing industry. If you are looking for technological guest posting sites, you need to ensure that your content is up to date and contains only the latest content.

Keep in mind that even a gadget launched three months ago is considered old technology.

2. Business Marketing, And Startups Blog That Accepts Guest Posts

Entrepreneurship is a new trend in the world. Entrepreneurs are coming out of every corner of the world. If you are one of them and want your business to reach out to new audiences, then finance guest posting might be a good option.

3. Lifestyle Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

If you are a blogger who helps the reader boost their lifestyle and living standards, you can use the following list of guest posting sites attractive to new audiences.

However, be vigilant to filter out the right lifestyle guest posting website for you as all the websites have different sets of audiences.

4. Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Digital marketing is new to the marketing world. If you belong to the same industry, then you might find the following guest posting sites as an opportunity to reach out to a larger audience.

However, while pitching the following guest posting sites, ensure that your article qualifies the industry standards.

5. Web Design, Web Development, WordPress Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Here you will find some of the best guest posting sites for website developers and WordPress enthusiasts. We have covered all kinds of websites, covering a vast range of web development, coding, web designing, etc.

6. Investing & Finance Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

The investing industry has been one of the most influential industries over the last decade. In fact, this industry has given the most number of millionaires over the last decade. Hence, you will find lots of investing and finance-related websites on the internet.

Here we have added some of the popular guest posting sites that allow guest posts.

7. Healthcare Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Today, everybody is health-conscious. This is the reason why health bloggers are gaining traction in the blogging industry. Health is a micro niche industry; hence, finding good health-related guest posting sites becomes very hard.

However, we have a solution for you. Here we have listed down some of the popular health sites that offer guest post services.

8. Online & Offline Gaming Blogs That Accept Guest Post

The gaming community has increased over the last couple of years. After games like Players unknown battleground (PUBG) and Call of Duty (COD) hit the market, we could see gamers from every corner of the world.

With the advent of the new gaming generation, we were able to see new gaming websites. Given below are some of the relevant niche guest posting sites that accept guest posts.

9. CBD Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

We have only known the adverse effect of Cannabidiol (CBD). However, it all changed when the CBD project was launched in 2010. This project covered all the medical Marijuana stories.

This gave rise to several CBD-based websites on the internet covering the medical aspects of CBD. Here we have jotted down some of the best CBD guest posting sites.

10. Real Estate & Properties Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

2020 has been a golden year for the real estate industry, with a more than 70% increase in real estate property sales compared to the last. It is expected that these numbers can even exceed 80% in 2021.

With that being said, we have listed down some of the best real estate guest posting sites.

Do A Guest Post With Just One Click

Guest posting, as mentioned above, is one of the most effective ways to boost your digital marketing strategies. However, you must remember that guest posting services will only be effective when you are following google’s guidelines.

Do A Guest Post With Just One Click

We have prepared this guide to help our fellow bloggers and provide them with every piece of information they need for a successful guest posting. Also, we have even listed down some popular guest posting sites from every industry that accept guest posts.

[supsystic-tables id=1]

We have segmented down everything so that you can find the most relevant content efficiently. You can even navigate through the guest posting sites mentioned above.

We hope you have greatly enjoyed this article on guest posting sites and got the answer you were looking for.

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