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Video hosting sites are the best turning points of the new digital marketing trends. According to the  2021 digital marketing trends, video hosting sites are the best way to attract the maximum traffic. If you are asking about modern digital marketing trends? Video hostings platforms are more valuable than regular content marketing.

 By using content marketing strategies, you are giving a written impression on your audiences. But when you are using the video hosting sites, you are getting the full opportunity to give the pictorial and moving demonstration. And we all know the pictorial and moving videos are creating a much more long-lasting impact.

Let’s start with 

What Are The Benefits Of Video Hosting?

What Are The Benefits Of Video Hosting

Video hosting sites are always giving a more positive outcome to the business owners who are conscious about branding and advertising. Putting the effort to upload the videos is a really time taking and costly process. But when you are taking help from video hosting sites, the cost is reduced. 

When you are not using the video hostings sites, your bandwidth cost and the storage cost are higher. But now, many video upload sites are present on the internet, like the content hosting sites. These free video hosting sites are very effective. On the one hand, it reduces your video hosting cost. And you can get the customer’s full attention, but all these are achievable with minimum cost.

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Top 5 Best Free Video Hosting Platforms In 2021

As the free hosting sites are all present on the internet, most of the users ask, where can I host videos for free? The free unlimited video hosting is effective to do the work but with very little budget.

Here are the five names of the most popular hosting platforms in 2021.

#1. Dailymotion

Dailymotion Video Hosting Platform

If you are searching for the most popular free video hosting websites. This is the best one. The video hosting upside is really smaller than the other video hosting platforms. Do you want to know which video platform pays the most? The answer is the Daily Motion.

  • The free unlimited video hosting is the biggest advantage of the platform.
  • You can upload videos. Even you can give a password to it.
  • The maximum uploading video length is one hour.
  • When you want to upload any private and password-protected video, daily motion gives you a good option to use the platform.
  • But the daily motion has very few audiences. Your video has to face significantly fewer customer attentions than other video hosting sites.
  • The daily motion gives you the option to upload 2 GB size files and an unlimited file storage option.

#2. Youtube

YouTube Video Hosting Platform

Youtube is the largest and most popular video hosting platform. There is no data storage or bandwidth for youtube. Youtube has the biggest number of audiences, and when you want to upload any long videos, this is the right platform to host your videos. You can upload any videos which are more than 128 gigabytes.

  • Like we said before, youtube is the widest using platform, and you can upload the files whose maximum size is 128 GB.
  • Youtube is going to give you the maximum cloud storage for your video files.
  • The unlimited cloud storage is giving you the option to upload files that are at least 12 hours long.
  • Youtube is going to get any type of file format for uploading.
  • The most challenging part of the youtube hosting channels is the ads are playing automatically. Without taking help from a third party, the audiences can not download youtube videos from the internet.
  • The platform is not free of copy to write issues, so if you are using the youtube platform, be careful about the potential copyright issues.

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#3. Facebook

Facebook Video Hosting Platform

In 2021 the Facebook is the most popular social media platform but do you know, as per the statistics, where can I host a video on my website? At first, Facebook worked only as a social media message exchange platform. But now Facebook is also working as the video hosting platform.

  • If you want to know what are other video hosting sites besides YouTube?Facebook is the best option which you are getting.
  • The Facebook video hosting platform’s features are similar to youtube. And after Youtube, Facebook is the next highest popular video hosting platform.
  • You can easily upload the 4GB size files, and the maximum length of the video is 2 hours.
  • File storage capacity is unlimited.
  • The only complicated part is the advertisements are playing automatically.
  • You will get very basic branded embedded playing options.
  • If you want to create awareness on the largest social media platform, Facebook is the best option you can get.

#4. WordPress Video Hosting

WordPress Video Hosting Platform

WordPress is a premium hosting platform. When you are doing online business, going for the online business is the best way to convey your messages to your audiences. WordPress videos always give a more professional outlook.

  • The maximum of 2 GB size of the file you can upload here.
  • You are getting unlimited video hosting options from word press video hosting platforms.
  • The word press is a very professional one. You are going to get unlimited storage options.

#5. Vimeo

Vimeo Video Hosting Platform

Where can I host a video on my website? This is the most common question from professional business persons who do not want to use YouTube and Facebook. Here is another alternative Vimeo.

  • Vimeo is a professional platform for short videos and movies. Apart from the video and short movies, the music album and animations are also available here.
  • If you are a creative professional, Vimeo is the best video hosting platform for you.
  • The animation video and the different types of natural videos are the most available on the platform.
  • Vimeo is for creative professionals. But when you are doing creative style digital marketing, the use of Vimeo is proved fruitful.
  • Vimeo has both options. One is for the free users another is for the pro users. The free users are getting 500 MB of file space and 256 GB for the pro users.

Wrapping It Up

Video Hosting is changing the mode of digital marketing trends. When you are using the video hosting platforms, more likely you are doing digital marketing. Not only for digital marketing, but this is also the best way to store videos. So what is your opinion about the video hosting platform? Do not forget to comment back to us.

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