Facebook Will Be Called Meta: Full Story In 5 Points

Category: Social Media By: Sandip Posted on: October 29, 2021

Facebook named its parent company Meta Platform Inc. This is because Mark Zukerberg wants to move beyond the realm of being called a social media company. With the new platform and new concept, Facebook wants to shift its focus to futuristic technology.

While talking at the Facebook connect event, he talked about the Meta and how it has been derived from the Greek word that means ‘beyond’. He further explains the true meaning behind Meta: there is always space to build more.

Key Take Away On Facebook Changing Its Name To ‘Meta’

  • Facebook Is Now Just A Social Media App: Now that Facebook has a new parent company with a different name. Facebook has become just a social media application.
  • Only The Brand Name Has Changed: With the Change of the brand name from Facebook to Meta, Meta Platform Inc has become the parent company. That means only the brand has changed, and all the other products and services have remained the same.

  • Meta Will Become A New Technological Hub: Zukerberg has already launched Oculus and virtual reality products. However, now he wants to venture into virtual reality products under the name Meta.
  • Meta Is The Start Of A New Virtual Journey For Zukerberg: Meta is the start of a new virtual journey. With technological support, people will not only be able to interact with others but can also play and open businesses.
  • Meta Will Let User Experience The True Virtual Reality: With the Meta Platform Inc, Zukerberg will now be able to focus on working on making new experiences and digital products that are interoperable.

With the Meta, Zuckerberg also wants to introduce Crypto and NFT into the new platform. This will ensure the security and privacy of the users.

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